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"Is Causing Making?"

Lessons from Behind the Team:
Article 5 "Is Causing Making?"
 Hello everyone! I'm hoping today to give you a mental puzzle and something that I want you all to debate about with all your friends.

First I'd like to use one of Pat's sayings: "cause your idea to become you horse’s idea". I told this to a student the other day and she seemed confused, so I continued to try and explain it further. And finally she said, “I understand what your saying but at the end of the day isn't your job to get the horse to do it?

Lessons from Behind the Team Article 6 - Part 2

Lessons from Behind the Team Article 6
Things to Keep in Mind - Part 2

“Believe in your horse so your horse can believe in you"
          Ray Hunt*
 I have a special place in my mind for this saying, because there is also a Pat story attached to it. I’ll give you guys the short version. I’d like you to rewind your clocks to 2009, summer season Colorado: simply breathtaking. The ranch crew was cutting hay; some Externs and Interns were helping too (I was an Intern).

LESSONS BEHIND THE TEAM Art.3 - Respect vs. Assumption

Lessons from behind the team article 3

Respect or Assumption?

Hello again! It has been a while (or it feels like it). In this article I'd like to talk about something I have trouble with myself: Living in the moment. I find that a lot of people say, "My horse can't drive because (this) happened to her when when she was young", or "I taught him that pressure on the chest means back, therefore he could never learn to pull". Or they had an wreck in a cart so "they can't even get their horse close to a cart".

"Driving" Onwards...

So I'm still on cloud nine... and more and more thrilled all the time that I've put in the time, patience, perseverance, and perspiration!!!

Okay, so for those of you who know me, you know that I am NOT very confident around driving horses (okay, more the carts --- I've lived through a cart accident) and I've married a Driving Horse Specialist!!!

However, it doesn't mean that I'm not interested in wanting to drive; I just choose to drive horses with the right mind and prior and proper preparation.